• Welcome

    Jim believes in a common sense approach to government where all people and their business are represented fairly and equitably.

  • Education

    Jim is committed to quality education for our youth. Jim was born and raised in Carlsbad, he raised his family in Artesia, he knows what our communities need and want from Santa Fe.

  • Family & Community

    Jim is committed to uphold our family & community values. He and his wife Paula are active church members and are intent in upholding the values of our communities.

  • Business & Industry

    Jim has 30+ years experience dealing with business & industry issues, he has put the interest of our communities first in Santa Fe, not government intersts.

Friends for Jim

Jim is a conservative Republican with many years of applicable business experience that included working in and around Santa Fe for a business in New Mexico. He believes in God, in life and free enterprise and the belief in our right to keep and bear arms.

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** Where To Vote **

Mountain Area

Special Mobile Voting
In Cloudcroft!

Saturday, May 24th | 10:00am-6:00pm
Cloudcroft Council Chambers
201 Burro Avenue

  1. *Alamogordo Clerk's Office
    (Early Voting Location)
    1101 New York Ave
    in County Admin Bldg
  2. Mayhill Community Center
    11 Civic Center Drive
  3. Cloudcroft Council Chambers
    201 Burro Avenue
  4. James Canyon Fire Station
    2346 US Hwy 82, Cloudcroft
  5. Sivell's Baptist Camp
    Cox Canyon Hwy 130, Cloudcroft
  6. High Rolls Fire Station
    39 Old Railroad Drive
  7. Weed Fire Station
    32 Agua Chiquita
  8. Timberon Lodge
    1 Bobwhite Circle
  9. Orogrande Fire Station
    1841 Woodson Avenue
  10. Pinon Fire Station
    4538 Owen Prather Highway
  11. *Otero County Fairgrounds
    (Early Voting Location)
    401 Fairgrounds Rd, Alamogordo
  12. *Inn of the Mountain Gods
    (Early Voting Location)
    287 Carrizo Canyon Rd, Mescalero



  1. Faith Baptist
    401 S. 20th Street
  2. *Artesia Clerk's Office
    (Early Voting Location)
    602 South 1st
  3. Senior Citizens Center
    202 West Chisum


  1. St. Peter Lutheran Church
    1302 W. Pierce Street
  2. ECED
    1801 W. Lea Street
  3. San Jose Senior Center
    2810 San Jose Blvd
  4. Lakeview North Canal
    1300 N Canal Street
  5. *Carlsbad Clerk's Office
    (Early Voting Location)
    325 S. Main Street
  6. Permian Basin Regional Training Ctr
    1400 Commerce Drive